10 Hard-Ass-Gangster-Bird Images

As you know gulls are among the most gangster of all the birds and, whether you like it or not, they are aggressive predators.
They have been observed attacking

sausage rolls

rappers busy applying lotions

They have been seen to devour whatever living creature they can fit in their fearsome beaks

And they have been spotted fearlessly assaulting eagles who try to catch fish on their block.

This photo was shot by dutch nature photographer Hans Bouwmeester and I like to imagine this eagle is on an armed rampage to retaliate against the gull who jacked him in the previous photo. You can read the actual facts here if you must.

Gulls will dive at swans

And even images of swans on motorcycles travelling at 170mph in the Isle of Man TT race.

We can only guess at what this man hopes to document

And we’ve already discussed the striking parallels that exist between skaters and gulls.

They are reviled as a nuisance by the mainstream
But I’ve come to recognise them as truly glorious warrior birds.

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