6 thoughts on “7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People”

  1. The first two should be considered habits of slightly effective people. However, highly monetarily ineffective people.

  2. I think the follow-up post, and dare I say the more investigative endeavor, should ask what causes these habits? Is it alcoholism in the family? Is it choosing to kiss a particular bong and the 235 other gross mouths that licked the rim? Or is it god's choice to make one Irish, or Polish, or damned to an inner city education, corn based food stuffs? Come on John, really get to the krux…

    1. Thanks James,
      Are you asking whether alcoholism is genetic? Are you suggesting the cause of all these behaviours might have some viral pathogen vectored by bong rims? These are difficult questions. Great questions. Whether there is such a thing as god's choice is probably the most unanswerable question you pose. If we can we shed any more light on these issues in this comment thread I'll do my best to get to a proper follow up post?
      I've always thought the first two are not completely fair, or maybe it's just that I think of the exceptions to the rule, Charles Bukowski, H.S. Thompson, Seth Rogen?

  3. Without doing any of the above would these people become highly effective people? or does that require something else?

    1. Doing the opposite ups ones chances I'd guess. The only thing I can say for certain is nothing is guaranteed.Sent from wherever

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