John Rattray was raised in Aberdeen, Scotland. The Predatory Bird is a collection of his writing, video projects and photography.

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  1. I like your work, really good quality stuff!

    I am a video maker myself, and we are part of a new movement focused on getting people paid for original productions like yours.

    We’re launching a site the first week of July with technology that will make it really easy to get you paid for your work.

    We are interested in getting you to participate as one of the early producers on our site.

    If you are interested in knowing more, shoot me an email at your earliest convenience.


    Ben Magana
    Director of Communications

    1. Ha! No worries. You're the only other wp blog I follow so far. Am I alone in thinking “blog” is a shite word?Sent from wherever

  2. I just read your whole site while at work (over night). FANTASTIC.

    You shred like heckfire by the way. Curious why you go so fast on a lot of your lines? Not that i mind, quite the opposite actually.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the site.
      I was always just compelled to skate fast. I lived at the top of a hill so I'd always bomb down it to skate town at night. If you skate a bit faster you're less likely to get stuck in cracks too, I think?
      Edit Delete

  3. Just watched your Ride The Long White Cloud film, it was excellent. I live in Auckland, NZ and skated Pauanui park last weekend during a surf trip.
    Your blog's great but just so you know "At it’s best it pecks off" doesn't need an apostrophe but does need a comma.
    Cheers for the introduction to the Castanets too.

    1. Ha! Wonderful. You're the first person to point out a punctuation error and for that I thank you. It means either I'm doing well or the poor souls that find themselves reading the predatory bird are…?
      Either way the apostrophe has been excised, but I'm not yet convinced that sentence needs an extra comma.
      Glad you enjoyed RTLWC.

  4. You've been a part of my life ever since "analyze the situation, adapt to the situation, overcome the situation", of course that and your orange collared shirt.

    1. I think seagulls swoop at any opportunity they can to exercise their predatory nature. Like ambitious pimps and venture capitalists but without the compassion. The gull swoop is towards kebabs and unattended pizza rather than towards desperate young women and boys or naive young entrepreneurs. Not to say seagulls won't swoop towards them too. Maybe predation is in the eye of the preyed upon.

  5. If you still need to supplement your lusting for all things 'gull, you may borrow my paperback copy of Jonathan Livingston 'Seagull' accompanied by the album of the same title narrated by Neil Diamond. Cup of tea and you are soaring alongside the majestic scavengers of the beaches in no time.

    1. So naive Alex. Just because we're talking about ramps on the surface doesn't mean we're not really talking about seagulls beneath.

  6. Skateboarding and top notch penmanship. Will definitely be making a routine of visiting the predatory bird.

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