If you are ever a pro skater in your 30s, from Aberdeen, Scotland, in the year 2012 then the chances are you’ll find yourself standing in Antisocial Skateshop with a bag of tees your friend has designed for your small-ass, home-grown, aggressive-gull-themed brand. Luckily your friend is none other than the prolific, A1, prime-cut British comic book artist Jon Horner and together over email and sci-fi-style video chat you’ve been developing a laughter plot to take the street wear market by storm!

What is it?
It’s street wear!

Which is clothing to wear…in the street.

Check it out.

Unsung avian predator snatches severed arm holding automatic rifle

It is pretty fucking awesome.
I know!

The other thing was that only 30 minutes before arriving at Antisocial we’d been certifiably peering, picking, fiddling, twiddling, placing, pressing, clipping and shaping – the process is called marquetry – and we’d stamped the first 3 winter-2012, Guinness-colour-schemed, laser-cut, negative-space-stained, hand-reassembled Predatory Bird Decks that we’d lifted, tenderly, out of the press at the Folk Custom Skateboards workshop.
Stamping number 3 of 50
“Holy shit that is a sexy bit o’ wood!” Andy said as we gazed at the finished piece and skipped, merrily out the door and through the rain to visit Michelle Pazel over at Antisocial.
Number 3 of 50 dressed up all sexy
Who agreed to become the world’s first Canadian retail account stocking the world’s last run of jigsaw assembled Predatory Bird decks.
As well as some Jon Horner Predator tees, some OG Bird in Hand logo hoods and some cruiser wheels. Thankyou Antisocial you are the wind beneath my…forget that. If you’re in the Vancouver, BC area head on over to Antisocial; they are absolute rulers which means The Predatory Bird must lurk therein!

Michelle doesn't like her picture being taken