Any given saturday

Illustrated story describing an occasional client of Clan Skates in Glasgow, Scotland. Below is a picture of me and the boy Marc that works there now.

The actual stereo system.

The actual kettle and mugs.

A close up of a current Jaiket

And the shop as seen through the 28mm lens on a Lumix TZ5 with the flash turned off.

Clan Skates is at 45 Hyndland Street in Partick, Glasgow.

18 thoughts on “Any given saturday”

  1. Could you not perhaps come up with some sort of prize for me? Or possibly an award or title, such as that of 'tedious, nitpicking cunt'?

    1. I hadn't noticed you picking nits and that title is a tad harsh. "Fair and reasonable commenter" was more fitting up till then. 🙂 <—Smily face. Your prize is that I'll try to track down a copy of RTLWC to post sometime reasonably soon.

      1. In retrospect that could have come across as a trifle harsh. Or a harsh trifle. That's the trouble with words alone; they don't always reflect tone. Mine was one of jocular self-deprication (for the record, it is now of jocular pomposity). So smiley face back at you!

  2. Do I win a prize for noticing that the photo of you and the boy Marc is a different one to the other day?

    1. No but that shouldn't detract from the boost of self-confidence that comes from knowing that you are highly observant.Sent from wherever

  3. haha good work, very much enjoyed that. canna beat a right fine jaiket!

    1. I would even go so far as to say that the numerous mentions of the word 'jacket' greatly enhance the enjoyment of the story.

        1. Yes. Always wanted to sit and draw it all out nicely but never got round to it. So that's as good it's going to get.

          1. i think it was awesome as it was. i gotta know, who did the stereo noises? what editing program did you use for this great job?

          2. I like the name Super Thursday. A program called imovie was the tool and the techno was garageband effected beat-boxing. Now you know the secret Super Thursday.Sent from wherever

          3. thanks john. it just goes to show that a bit of imagination can be more effective than high-end editing packages. thursdays are good aren't they. the great thing is, you get one every week! may all your thursdays be super.

          4. Check out Tarnation. Created on imovie. Pretty heavy. Maybe don't watch it on a Thursday.Sent from wherever

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