Behind the Artist Reel

Rather than write the usual esoteric crap I have decided to get a load of photos that Jon from Elwood Clothing shot when we were in Scotland filming the little promo clip that they called the Artist Reel series. These were little video projects designed to show some half decent skating and promote the signature clothing lines that Elwood produces for the team. Down there after the photos is the finished vid you may have seen before but whateva, here it is one more time.

This is the first place I took Jon in Scotland. Histrionic clouds over the Seaton multis.

Trying to skate the sea wall at Fittie can make a grown man cry. It’s no joke.

Blah blah

Och okay then.

Lunar brutalism was how my friend described the Denburn banks. I love that place.

Blah blah

Livingston has it’s share of lunar contours as well.

Dudes with teeth?

Tough as nails locals. Best bring your A-game to Livi.

Blah blah back wall.

We didn’t know it but this is what we came for.


Constantly seem to be doing battle with these damned Candarian demons.

Sunshine on Leith.

Quiet Edinburgh street.

Whether you’re backing Christianity or not it’s a petrified heart string that isn’t pulled when those Hibs fans sing Sunshine on Leith.

Some back in the day shit.

Pleasanton? Am I the only person who’s looking at this sign and thinking “Damn! Human beings consume an Olympic swimming pool of oil every 15 seconds, constantly.”?

“Patriotism makes me want to puke blood” said the late great William Melvin Hicks. Here’s some stuck in a bucket.

Blah blah

If we are what we eat and cows only eat grass then that makes beef a vegetable.

My mum is taking a picture of Jon taking this picture. Classic. Find it on facebook? I doubt it.

Don’t bother with this. Please.

More back in the day shit. They take the roofs off these old places to avoid paying tax. Trip on that.

This was Mark’s expression for the majority of the 5 days we spent driving around filming. Mark is a champ.

So that was that and this is this. The other dudes on Elwood are incredibly epic and they have videos and clothes they designed too that will make you look and feel utterly fantastic. Wow! Was that a sales pitch or what? Roll up, roll up etc…

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  2. Living in 'Deen just now and saw that beech spot, thought it must be impossible to skate, has anyone ever done anything decent on it?

    1. It's been on the cover of Sidewalk mag, Colin Kennedy had a Blueprint ad backside flipping on it and Mcrank nose pick grabbed back in on the crest of the wave skating a zip zinger. So yes, decent stuff has gone down.

    1. You're probably right. There was the seed of a peak oil rant up there but it didn't really seem to germinate. Glad you like the pictures.Sent from wherever

    1. I'm sure there's some kaleidoscopic logic that makes that relevant to this post but nevertheless it's pretty great.

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