Camp Vibes: San Diego county

Things got weird when I camped out with some friends at Paso Picacho campground near Descanso, CA.

Included was talented board operator, enthusiastic arts and crafts producer and abject nine to fiver Joe Pease. We shot stuff with a pellet gun until some chap informed us that the rangers would be less than pleased if they saw us with a firearm in a state park. We thanked the charming, wrinkly fellow and put the rifle away. The sun sank.

As I mentioned, if arts and crafts projects are rabbits then Joe is their enthusiastic hunter. He was the ring leader in the light art experiments that follow. Joe demonstrated the basics.

Then moved onto more classical forms such as this profile of the great Wizard of Oz.

And this detailed portrait of the cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.

We moved on to the everyday, the commonplace.

An Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme for example.

Joe reverted to a form inspired by our surroundings before the ferocious, monstrous demons of our subconscious minds began to materialize.

Then the classic axe wielding psycho showed up and we photographed him attacking my forearm with his glowing hatchet.

Luckily I magically transformed into a weird looking mutant female moose unicorn.

It was difficult to consistently maintain this form.

It wiggled and undulated as if it was being projected onto a wobbly gravity canvas.

And then things turned ugly again as a huge deformed shark materialized from whichever twisted dimension we had unlocked and tried to bite my damn head off.

I grabbed it’s jaws, it felt the quivering, restrained, imaginary power in my biceps and vanished fearfully.Then we all went to sleep in the one man tent that Poler sent.

Thankfully Joe’s urge to create had not been quenched and he proceeded to edit this wonderful little ode to camping which looks suspiciously like an advertisement for PolerStuff. He made this piece for free, as a pure and true fan of the arts and the creative process, hope you like it.


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