Predatory Bird Cruiser Board – Guinness Edition – Number 50 of 50

My Goodness, My Gullness!

Yes. In honor of St Patrick’s Day it is time to sell number 50/50 of the original Guinness colorway, first released a few moons ago. Click the image below to get to the listing.

The Predatory Bird skateboard deck
Number 50/50

If I sell this one then it could very well kickstart a whole new project. It’s an awesome fully shreddable wall-hanger that represents so much more than meets the eye. Buy it!


In the Belly of the Bird
Shipping and Merchandising

The activity of promoting the sale of goods.

Most of the Guinness-color-schemed-winter-Predatory-Bird-in-Hand decks came dressed in a fishnet stocking. This was an audacious example of a sales strategy known as merchandising. If you’ve bought a deck from The Predatory Bird Online Emporium then we thankyou. The chances are that prior to your deck arriving on your doorstep a scene similar to the one depicted in the following video would have occured.

There are also a couple of these manifestations of mental illness still available at Boarderline and Focus and possibly one at Antisocial

The Predatory Bird Winter deck in full sex trade regalia

Below is the package the fishnets came in. I’d like to congratulate the graphic designer. He or she must have huge balls made from the finest of designer brass. I have a feeling it’s these enormous balls that allowed sex and circus sideshow to converge with such brilliant absurdity. Continue reading In the Belly of the Bird Shipping and Merchandising


If you are ever a pro skater in your 30s, from Aberdeen, Scotland, in the year 2012 then the chances are you’ll find yourself standing in Antisocial Skateshop with a bag of tees your friend has designed for your small-ass, home-grown, aggressive-gull-themed brand. Luckily your friend is none other than the prolific, A1, prime-cut British comic book artist Jon Horner and together over email and sci-fi-style video chat you’ve been developing a laughter plot to take the street wear market by storm!

What is it?
It’s street wear!

Which is clothing to wear…in the street.

Check it out. Continue reading ANTISOCIAL SKATEBOARD SHOP attacked by PREDATORY BIRD!!!