If You Want to Sing Out – The End of a Pro Skate Career and It’s Inevitable Product.

I’ve always likened the end of a pro skate career to the description of vampire death given by Cory Feldman’s character in The Lost Boys, Edgar Frog, “Some yell and scream, some go quietly, some explode, some implode, but all will try to take you with them.”

Sometimes a vampire will implode and similarly sometimes an old pro skater, who never got involved with a marketing agent, who’s sponsors have revised their strategy, or gone out of business, might panic and decide it’s high time they capitalized on the haunting beauty they can surely craft out of their innate musical talent. Talent they’ve been roughly developing in Waffle House parking lots for the last ten years. And so we did.

We recorded 3 melodic stories that spilled from the soul and the resulting sound, that poured almost automatically through fingertips and larynx, is manly, rustic and inspiring. The accompanying bespoke lyric cards have been exquisitely illustrated by Melbourne based Salvador Gnarly. They are little things of beauty.

Gull Population as Yardstick for Viral Nature of Humanity is an ode to Aberdeen, Scotland, where Mum lives and old friends live and where the old man, old friends and little sister lived. It is a celebration.

2nd Option 3 headed gull_clipped

Dragons and Things tells the story of a young boy who finds himself in a battle that he must win or relinquish his childhood. And the rest.

2nd option Dead Medusa_clippedWorf Sails his Boat imagines the lovable serenity-challenged Klingon Chief of Security as a young boy in Belarus. The story explores the reasons why security officers are often such assholes. It’s not their fault. It’s not anyone’s fault.

2nd Option Klingon Child_clipped

All proceeds from sales of the Vava Records X Predatory Bird Sound in Print project will of course help fund the currently fetal Predatory Bird rap album and/or the next run of comics.

A Pictorial Journey Behind the Scenes of New Balance Numeric’s A Place in the Sun

With the release of A Place in the Sun New Balance Numeric also announced that they’ll be adding Toy Machine’s buff & tight Jordan Taylor and Sk8Mafia powerhouse Tyler Surrey to the team. This turn of events does a great service to skateboarding as these are two of the truest rulers in existence and they deserve all the encouragement we can collectively raise. You can see more from them in the full-on, alternate-angles/behind-the-scenes video extravaganza that I’ll hopefully have finished by next week.
In the meantime, below is a 7 part review of the recent past that includes the trailer for aforementioned video extravaganza and a photo essay covering a small portion of the making of A Place in the Sun.

1) New Talent on New Balance

2) Breakfast of Champions
Hollywood! The home of cinema, celebrity and breakfast burritos a la Surrey, Taylor, Brown and Rattray!
Dudes about to eat breakfast burritos

The first thing we did after breakfast was stop by the clinic so Tyler could back tail this small ledge. As you can see there’s a sweet leaf sign with an arrow pointing at him.

Surrey back tails outside the clinic

Pretty soon Russell was standing on top of his truck uncertain as to whether he feels mildly anxious about this project or if he’s just getting hungry again. Continue reading A Pictorial Journey Behind the Scenes of New Balance Numeric’s A Place in the Sun

A Forest in a Land filled with Trees
The Last of the Jigsaw Decks
And Ambitious Photo Essay with a Loose Data Aggregation Theme: Part One

When you spend time staring at all the small fiddly bits of a project – the individual trees – you can often lose sight of the bigger picture you’re building – the spooky woods, the deep forests and the vast, dense, jungles.

Looking up at the brances of an old tree

This is an old problem resulting from our only possessing two eyes and them being rooted in sockets located strictly on the front of our skulls. Luckily we have invented tools that allow us to see the forest as a whole; or at least get a decent impression of it.

View over treetops at Culbin in Nairnshire

So, what am I going on about? Continue reading

A Forest in a Land filled with Trees The Last of the Jigsaw Decks and And Ambitious Photo Essay with a Loose Data Aggregation Theme: Part One

LOUD: Predatory Bud Contest Roundup

There were some funny, skilled and clever submissions for the LOUD HEADPHONES Predatory Bud contest. After a tough round of deliberation the staff of The Predatory Bird chose Drew Seppannen’s Robocop Pigeon as the winner of the grand prize pack.
Compelling draughtsmanship coupled with good backstory helped Drew rise to the top in this epic battle of wit and skill.

A terminally-wounded pigeon returns to the park but will his hidden memories prevent him from pillaging breadcrumbs from the local senior citizens?


TPBDrew! The Predatory Bird calling. You are the winner of the LOUD contest. Tell us more about yourself and the piece?

The WinnerWowsers, that’s radical.
I’m just a guy from Australia living in Shizuoka Japan. There isn’t much to tell you really… I like skateboarding, doodling, motorbikes and studying Japanese (which i really need to start doing more of).
The drawing is just the first idea that popped into my head… Robocop is one of my favourite Paul Verhoeven movies, so I thought it would be cool to draw another inner-city victim of crime (in the pigeon’s case it was probably a cat rather than getting shot to pieces like Murphy) Continue reading LOUD: Predatory Bud Contest Roundup

10 Hard-Ass-Gangster-Bird Images

As you know gulls are among the most gangster of all the birds and, whether you like it or not, they are aggressive predators.
They have been observed attacking

sausage rolls

rappers busy applying lotions Continue reading 10 Hard-Ass-Gangster-Bird Images

The Predatory Bird Comic.

Nesting season, the predatory bird comic and KrookedKolorado.

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks.

Amongst the usual murderous violence on the planet 250 gulls were systematically shotgunned for illegally squatting at an abandoned Saturn dealership in Michigan. Continue reading The Predatory Bird Comic.

WTF is The Predatory Bird?

The Predatory Bird got started while I was on the narcotic painkiller Oxycodone. In a series of post-surgery visions, the swooping screaming gulls of my childhood shrieked the words “Blaaaaaawwwwwgggg!!! Blaaaawwwwwwgggg!!!”
Since it’s beginnings I’ve found gull culture and skate culture to be more similar than I ever expected and I am no more insane than you are. Both gulls and street skaters are reviled and misunderstood by mainstream society. They’re noisy, they make a mess, they wax ledges, they shit on cars, they terrorize the elderly. Both are compelled beyond their will to do what they do. Both are on an endless search to satisfy some deep primal urge. Gulls feast on food discarded by humans who often think of themselves as above and better than gulls. Skaters feast on Continue reading WTF is The Predatory Bird?