Morphine’s a Hell of a Drug.

Returned a couple of days early from the 2012 Zero Canada tour. Snapped the left forearm just above the wrist while trying to stick the trusty, old, kickflip fakie on a concrete potato chip at the Winnipeg demo. It teaches me a stern lesson not to skate when in a bad mood. Company owner James took some photographs that do a great job of illustrating the title of this post and Joe Brook is busy shooting the tour for an upcoming issue of Thrasher Magazine. Be on the look out!

“Och no! My arm! What have I done? Broken…arm…aargh!”

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WTF is The Predatory Bird?

The Predatory Bird got started while I was on the narcotic painkiller Oxycodone. In a series of post-surgery visions, the swooping screaming gulls of my childhood shrieked the words “Blaaaaaawwwwwgggg!!! Blaaaawwwwwwgggg!!!”
Since it’s beginnings I’ve found gull culture and skate culture to be more similar than I ever expected and I am no more insane than you are. Both gulls and street skaters are reviled and misunderstood by mainstream society. They’re noisy, they make a mess, they wax ledges, they shit on cars, they terrorize the elderly. Both are compelled beyond their will to do what they do. Both are on an endless search to satisfy some deep primal urge. Gulls feast on food discarded by humans who often think of themselves as above and better than gulls. Skaters feast on Continue reading WTF is The Predatory Bird?