VX2000 and MK1 Death Lens for Sale

I’m selling these. The camera needs a battery so is priced accordingly.

The lens is good to go on a VX2000 and comes with a bayonet ring for a VX1000 if needed. Click the images below to get through to each listing.

Skater Men | Going pro with Ultimate Phil

Phil with an axe looking seriousMeet Phil. Phil is a real man who skates. Besides being a father, husband, music-maker and entrepreneur, Phil also works hard at the local hardware store. There he trades in traditionally manly things, such as tools, nuts and bolts. Hard things. When we started working on this short piece Phil was 37, and he was coming to terms with the stark realization that it was probably his last chance in life to finally kickstart his dream career as a world-renowned professional skateboarder. Now Phil’s 40, and he runs a small, independent, board brand — Fixer Skateboards.
The thing is, if at the age of 37 Phil had followed the herd and pursued the standard pro path, riding for a bigger brand, like Girl, it would have been too obvious, and even worse than that it would have certainly oppressed his creativity. We do well to remember that the biological clock stops ticking for no living being and not a millisecond can be wasted executing someone else’s vision. So Phil didn’t pursue a big brand endorsement, he got a job at the hardware store, and now thanks to its modest size, running his Fixer brand on the side really allows Phil the artistic space he needs to continue to grow and contribute to the culture as a genuine devoted dreamer of dreams, and a formidable professional skater man.

Stalefish 101 with Fernando

Fernando Bramsmark peaks out with a big stalefish on the sea walls at the Barcelona Forum
Big fish.
I love working with the best humans who ever rolled on the surface of the earth. For me Columbian-born Swede, Fernando Bramsmark, easily falls into that category.
Not too long ago we put together this little video piece all about the grab we know today as the stalefish. We were in Barcelona and while we were there we sent a message to Lance Mountain asking him why this perfectly good-looking grab got named after something so unpleasant. Here’s what he sent back: “Summer camp, Sweden, 1985, Tony [Hawk] did them. Lunch was served in aluminum containers. Once a week we would have this bad fish. Tony and I were calling it stalefish with [many] bones and we’d go eat at McDonald’s. A British guy asked Tony if the trick he did was a Stalefish with [Many] Bones. It stuck. Tony did backside ones too. Gonz, I think, got the first photo two years later that popularized it. And he did the classic fold-down knee.” So there you have it, despite how utterly insane, doomed and incomprehensible the world might currently appear to be, we can take comfort in the fact that both Fernando and the stalefish have Swedish roots in common.


Young gull on the beach
Stale fish preferred

Post Script:

I updated a text glitch above, from ‘no’ to ‘many’. If you need more stalefish intel then take a breath and enter Mackenzie Eisenhour’s stalefish wormhole.

Raybourn’s Portland

Popped a few photos of Texas raised, Portland based, Birdhouse pro destroyer of all things skateable Ben Raybourn recently while he filmed for little day in the life documentary. Hopefully they bring a small glimmer of joy to your day.

What up?Ben opening his front door and peeking around from inside Portland, brah.P1050923 So artsy.P1050928 Mad beats.P1050938 Now featuring…Eric Swisher of the chrome ball incident Chromeball. P1050964Onward to Burnside.
P1050966Some rap video shit.
Heavy metal parking lot.
P1060011 Eggplant for lunch.fisheye shot of eggplant at burnside skatepark Hayashi in full effect.P1060055

Back at the crib scoping the scene with the bird’s eye view.P1060118 Free runners look on in disbelief. This local training center could make a good TtDiPWYB post, maybe, if there is such a thing as a good TtDiPWYB post.P1060126P1060128Not dangerous at all.
Perfectly safe.P1060132
Damn leaf.P1060131
Fully cropped the ground out of this.P1060136
Quicker down than up. P1060142
The owls are not what they seem.
security camera disguised as owl
And finally, what the internet was made for.P1060167

Tetherball: The Sport Behind the Sportsmen

The release of A Place in the Sun proved that Russell Houghten can paint a compelling and pristine picture of skateboarding in Los Angeles. But, when something is all shiny there’s some part of each one of us that wants to reach out and start scratching it up a little. Questions can do that and critics might ask; Has Houghten become a slave to color depth? Is his equipment slowing him down? As stunning as his work is, has Russell Houghten’s drive to become the greatest action sports documentarian of our time imposed some limiting factors on his agility as a filmmaker? The answers are subjective. What we now know for a fact is that there was another camera eye on location during the making of New Balance Numeric’s first video. That eye was watching, thinking and planning before swooping in all like,
“Yo, Tyler. It would be tight if we filmed a line here real quick while Russell’s all wrapped up with that time-lapse.”
The result is part behind-the-scenes documentary, part alternative-angle compilation and part investigation into a new and troubling urban sport that’s sweeping the empty school yards of LA.
This video contains many layers: Alternative angles; rare and exclusive new footage; still photography pasted in with a stock camera-shutter sound-effect; jump-cuts, titling, split-audio edits, cross fades, fade-ins and fade-outs; BGPs from Mike O Meally, Atiba Jefferson, Russell Houghten and possibly even Suge Knight strolling past Talib Kweli’s temporary parking lot. It is basically the Inception of skateboard videos. It is the dream within the dream and the thing I love more than anything else is that what happens behind the scenes of a Hollywood skate production is, simply, more skating.

Annonymous asked: “How do you get these robust taught-chested sportsmen to perform these breathtaking moves?”
Answer: “By refining my hang ten technique at any available opportunity and toning my camera arm on the Tetherball court. Judging from the shakycam of some of these clips it needs more work.”

Item Test: A Predatory Birder at Large

Wisconsin raised, San Diego resident, Jeff Halleran, is one of the earliest proponents of The Predatory Bird. His personal blog is a veritable treasure trove of the Lesser-Spotted California Thrashers that he observes and documents around the San Diego area.
Amongst other fine specimens you will find such rare and awesome gems as reasonably new Dave Coyne clips; rampaging Blood Wizard, Drew Dezort; the legendary Ed Devera and OG Zero rider Aaron Harrison, killing it consistently.
In this quick video, Jeff puts his original Predatory Bird Lifestyle Item through some rigorous field tests. We’re happy to report that The Lifestyle Item does not disappoint.

Paper Trail

The live-action performance in the intro to Joe Pease animation experiment ‘Paper Trail’ is truly exquisite.
In this post Joe answers 3 quick questions about animation and the animators he considers to be some of the greats.

Joe Pease on set

What’s the first animation you remember watching that got you sparked on the medium?
I would say Disney movies would’ve been the first. The Jungle Book and Sword in the Stone. In Aus we also had these short claymations between programmes called Pingu, have you seen that?
Yes! I used to love Pingu, it was consistently pretty hilarious.
So good! I don’t think Americans know about it.

What do you think is the appeal of animation rather than live action?
I like the look of certain styles of animation. I’m really into line drawn animation. Also, the fact you don’t need to rely on other people to work on it. There are not really any boundaries to what you can do either, which is cool.

Which animators do you find inspiring?
Frank and Ollie, the original Disney animators are incredible.

This guy Bruce Bickford who did Frank Zappa music videos.

Ray Harryhausen for how epic his stuff was before anyone.

I’ve also been super into motion graphics recently. Here’s one by a production company in the UK called Animade

What about Matt Stone and Trey Parker?

Of course! How could I forget?
Joe Pease up close

A Pictorial Journey Behind the Scenes of New Balance Numeric’s A Place in the Sun

With the release of A Place in the Sun New Balance Numeric also announced that they’ll be adding Toy Machine’s buff & tight Jordan Taylor and Sk8Mafia powerhouse Tyler Surrey to the team. This turn of events does a great service to skateboarding as these are two of the truest rulers in existence and they deserve all the encouragement we can collectively raise. You can see more from them in the full-on, alternate-angles/behind-the-scenes video extravaganza that I’ll hopefully have finished by next week.
In the meantime, below is a 7 part review of the recent past that includes the trailer for aforementioned video extravaganza and a photo essay covering a small portion of the making of A Place in the Sun.

1) New Talent on New Balance

2) Breakfast of Champions
Hollywood! The home of cinema, celebrity and breakfast burritos a la Surrey, Taylor, Brown and Rattray!
Dudes about to eat breakfast burritos

The first thing we did after breakfast was stop by the clinic so Tyler could back tail this small ledge. As you can see there’s a sweet leaf sign with an arrow pointing at him.

Surrey back tails outside the clinic

Pretty soon Russell was standing on top of his truck uncertain as to whether he feels mildly anxious about this project or if he’s just getting hungry again. Continue reading A Pictorial Journey Behind the Scenes of New Balance Numeric’s A Place in the Sun