Loud and John have joined forces and are doing a predatory earbud colorway and we want your help.

What does your Predatory Bird look like? 
Draw your your bird and post it on The Predatory Bird facebook timeline

We will use two colors from the drawing that gets picked. If Rattray picks your drawing you win the prize pack of; Rattray/Krooked guest deck, shirts, stickers and some LOUD earbuds.  On top of all that other cool stuff you will be the first to get the predatory bird LOUD colorway!!!
Big winner winner chicken dinner!!!!!!

LOUD contest prize packLOUD HEADPHONES have a facebook page. Head over there and click like to get updates on future contests, promos and all the stuff they’re up to. They’re some good dudes doing some good things.

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The LOUD HEADPHONES Predatory Bud”

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