Following Tom

At some point during the summer of 2012 Div called me up.
“John!” He said.
“Will you film me and Tom [Remillard] fur AntiHero?”
“I can try.” I told him.
We met down at Washington Street to get a couple of clips and see where that led us but Div couldn’t make it. He’d thrown his back out troweling concrete for too many days straight. Ideally we’d have filmed a shitload of random skate clips and sent them to Deluxe where they’d have stirred them into something unmistakeably AntiHero but I get these ideas where I’m psyched on old Powell videos and…
Well, this is the first thing Tom and I did while we were waiting for Div to heal up. It was originally the techno bonus of a short called HITAROCK. Obviously it’s not all one line but if you’ve ever seen Tom skating WSVT you may be like me in thinking that this dream line is not that farfetched. We feel it does a decent job of showcasing the ferocious concrete contours of one of the best renegade park projects in the world.

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