This is the first short production that Sharpened Boomerang and myself worked on for The Predatory Bird using the Lumix GH2 with the kit 14-140 lens (in case you care).
Some of the profound and important themes explored are:-

    • Gender stereotypes
    • Having obligations to do stuff around the house before you get to go skate
    • Overuse of post-production video filters
    • Unauthorized use of audio that was (we assume) originally sampled without authorization
    • How weather affects bicycles


    • The dark wizardry that is a miniature pulley system

Please, tell us what effect this video has on you.
How does it make you feel?
Did it inspire you to improve your home?
What crap have you had to do that prevented you from skating for a while but you were ultimately quite pleased with?


  1. I couldn't have imagined I'd see a video which links both DIY and skateboarding. Both of these things are on my mind as I have recently moved house to Braga (Portugal). At the moment a number of small jobs and unpacking numerous boxes stand between me and my skateboard. This has inspired me to finish the task.

  2. Brilliant!

    School projects once kept me from skateboarding; I made a gear driven winch that involved a pulley system intended to haul textbooks up an inclined plane. Didnae do anything practical, but a fun exercise in design and manufacturing.

    Maybe one day I'll have a home, then I will be more inspired to do cool projects like yours.


    1. Sounds highly practical to me. When I was a kid there was an ad on tv for Imperial Leather soap where the family all had separate baths that seemed to be suspended at different levels of this huge, subtly lit bathing chamber. They would pass the soap around on this smooth network of chutes. I wanted to have a bath house like that one day and also to be miniaturized so I could slide down that soapy chute sitting on the bar of soap. What would Freud think?

      1. Sounds like you need to fulfill that dream and go to a water park with all the plumes and rides and whatnot.

  3. 1. Gender stereotypes are inevitable, and in this situation I bet it suits you fine and feels good to fill the role.
    2. It makes you not to take skating for granted.
    3. Was tasteful.
    4. It's hard to credit everyone sometimes.
    5. My dad would love this video and I will forward to it him – he's a bicycle nut and has ridden on "BAK" – Bike Across Kansas, 17 times. I've ridden once on a recumbent.
    6. Makes me feel lazy, but at the same time I appreciate it because it's like an instructional Youtube video without the arrogant child explaining to me computer skills that I should already know.
    7. Indeed, but I've no time at the moment and bad memory so I'll most likely forget to make a super-obstacle combining the launch ramp and plastic jersey-barrier I have outside.
    8. Writing this. Just kidding I can't skate anyway due to a rolled-ankle. Plus maybe I'll learn to not skate in the rain now (refer back to answer 2) :–) I'm enjoying this stuff please keep it up Ratt-Ray!

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