I was looking for a blog and then I found a blog and

I’ve realised that writing a load of bullshit tenuously linked to some mildly relevant snapshots of my meanderings leading to an awkward video of some low impact four wheeled fun just isn’t cutting it in the contemporary skate media experience.  Are a few Ballard inspired observations about the metaphysics of flaccid architecture what the kids want? Do I care? If so then do I have to consult the jackass textbook, get smashed in the balls and webcam someone shitting?

Fuck it. I can’t get in on all that. “When you do things that betray who you are it becomes very difficult to recognise yourself.” I’ll be honest with you, that quote is from Gossip Girl. Here’s an amazing Morrisey thing, cut and carved by Jason Adams, a class act of a human. I bought this from Jason for a birthday gift for my friend who turned a round number a while back. Click it to check Jason’s site.

The etching says “Who needs love when you have a bomb” which paraphrases the Smiths song Ask. Below is a video called “What’s the point and shoot of it all?” and I can assure you that 90% of it is 100% point and shoot footage. As it charmingly glitches and pixelates, in some odd electronic rebellion against multiple formats all squeezed through the same lonely codec, it’s relevance to this post will be that it a) is designed to inspire you to end the misery of not skating, b) contains no visible shit or testicle bashing c) has a lot of footage of my friend Joe absolutely ripping, d) has a great Jason Adams cameo, e) Joe also did the animated intro and outro and f) the song is by Arcade Fire, not what all the hip 30 somethings from LA are listening to but their new album The Suburbs really smashed me in the mind unit in terms of how the whole album seems to talk about stuff I spend half my waking life pondering. Anyway we’ll see how long the edit gets on youtube before they disable the audio. Any guesses?

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