Let The Wild Ruckus Begin!

After stretching synthetic silk across a plain wood frame, securing it in grooves with slender rope and coating it with a light-sensitive emulsion the WuBird image was burned into the screen using a torrent of photons radiating from the bulb of an Anglepoise desk light.
A fine cotton teeshirt was ensmoothened using an enhottened iron.
ironing the teeThe screen was carefully laid in place Position the screenThe image was printed using the classic 4-armed techniquesqueegee the ink throughThen BOOYA! WuBird Tee.booya Hand screened WuBird tees available now for an unspecified time in the shop.
predatory bird cruiser wheels


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  1. Got the package, really stoked on the shirt, deck and headphones. I am going to take those PB stickers and post them across the pond in HK and China when I head there next week. Spread the word of the bird! Cheers!- frank

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