LOUD: Predatory Bud Contest Roundup

There were some funny, skilled and clever submissions for the LOUD HEADPHONES Predatory Bud contest. After a tough round of deliberation the staff of The Predatory Bird chose Drew Seppannen’s Robocop Pigeon as the winner of the grand prize pack.
Compelling draughtsmanship coupled with good backstory helped Drew rise to the top in this epic battle of wit and skill.

A terminally-wounded pigeon returns to the park but will his hidden memories prevent him from pillaging breadcrumbs from the local senior citizens?


Drew! The Predatory Bird calling. You are the winner of the LOUD contest. Tell us more about yourself and the piece?

The Winner
Wowsers, that’s radical.
I’m just a guy from Australia living in Shizuoka Japan. There isn’t much to tell you really… I like skateboarding, doodling, motorbikes and studying Japanese (which i really need to start doing more of).
The drawing is just the first idea that popped into my head… Robocop is one of my favourite Paul Verhoeven movies, so I thought it would be cool to draw another inner-city victim of crime (in the pigeon’s case it was probably a cat rather than getting shot to pieces like Murphy) given a second lease on life. Initially the pigeon would continue his/her life normally but after a while flashes of memories will come flooding back and the pigeon will seek revenge on the cat that ruined his/her life.

Haha, excellent. It always amazes us that he made Basic Instinct. Anyway, contest is global and you came through with the most solid combo – of the strongest concept plus respectable draughting skills – therefore are the winner.

Below are the rest of the entries:-

Myles Page explored our reptilian history with this Jurrassic submission. “Street Pterodactyl! He only comes out at night, while the rest of the world sleeps, shredding and getting rad on everything in his path.” Great stuff!

Chris Coulon entered strong with this thirsty eagle and the tagline “Barfweiser Eagle is gonna steal your beers…”. Chris has some solid illustrator skills and renaming Budweiser as Barfweiser was a good move but conceptually it wasn’t quite strong enough to fade Robocop Pigeon.

Paky Callahan submitted some nice line work in this strange disembodied avian beast.

Brian Hcirnieh submitted this penguin sketch with the explanation, “This I drew many years ago, but penguins are still birds, and they still like coffee”

Boardweasel delivered a good effort with this urban militant gull balancing on a high wire.

Mike Deye submitted two very well rendered pieces.

Eric Magnussen submitted a haunting study of avian reproduction that provokes us to consider the ongoing processes of growth and decay.

Tyler Gross has a strong style and went for the light hearted beer thief approach.

Chad Roddy went for apocalyptic surrealism.

Jeff Coopman’s Brown Thrasher Thrasher cover is pretty damn good.

Mario Correa’s entry is skillful and reminds me of Volcom.

Jonny Alexander’s note said, “This Predatory Bird has been known to preach to prey about the woes of the snack-treat cravings before it feasts upon their asses. It has also been seen removing earwigs from ears of babies. Ferocious. This is an etching.” Which made me think.

Nice touch adding the WuBird logo in there by Никола-Томиќ.

Always stoked on a Jeff Halleran piece.

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