Morphine’s a Hell of a Drug.

Returned a couple of days early from the 2012 Zero Canada tour. Snapped the left forearm just above the wrist while trying to stick the trusty, old, kickflip fakie on a concrete potato chip at the Winnipeg demo. It teaches me a stern lesson not to skate when in a bad mood. Company owner James took some photographs that do a great job of illustrating the title of this post and Joe Brook is busy shooting the tour for an upcoming issue of Thrasher Magazine. Be on the look out!

“Och no! My arm! What have I done? Broken…arm…aargh!”

“Och, it feels weird and sore. Arm…snapped…argh!”
“What’s that nurse? I.V.? How many milligrams?”
“Oh! Oh my! That feels…”
“James? Do you…?”
“Ha! Ha ha! Yeeaahh! Remember last time? Ha ha! Whoo! How many times we done this James? Ha ha! Yeah!”

Got the cast changed when I got home. The Doctor of Orthopedics reckoned we should limit pronation and rotation for a couple of weeks. Here’s a couple of bonus drama photos.

“I had a dream. We were on a boat in this mask and we were instagramming on a boat in this mask and…”


“Hello cruel world. Talk to the hand.”

They have vicious predatory gulls in Canada too. I think one distracted me.

goodbyetorontoNow that you’re all psyched on morphine check out The Predatory Bird shop where there’s cool, pain-free, stuff.

10 thoughts on “Morphine’s a Hell of a Drug.”

  1. I'm happy to have been there to hang out with one of my favorite skateboarders when he needed a friend!

  2. yea i hope this never happens to me. but it will. and the thing about the dream and the boat was funny.

  3. Today's my first day back from relatively minor sprain in the same spot. Spooky coincidence to see this.
    Thanks for sharing and learning us the word pronation.

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