The Guernica experience

The Basque country. We had a video camera but no specified filmer. With a point and shoot on sports setting we managed to capture this moment. Dominic just a fraction post-peak at Algorta. 6 years had passed since the twin towers fell. Continue reading The Guernica experience

The new cadaver

At this point we can call this a recovery blog. Perhaps it will one day mutate into a more involved website but for now I’m injured and avoiding boredom. I am rehabbing a knee fail and this photo collage represents the activities of day one post-surgery. First things first a little confirmation of Mr Einstein’s contributions to human knowledge. Yes E does equal mc squared. Sincere apologies Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Continue reading The new cadaver

The boys out of Livi

After world war 2 the clock continued to tick and human ingenuity focused in no small part on road building. In the unfolding story of life on earth we had entered a glorious phase. The age of the Motorway or, if you prefer, The age of the Freeway. This phase is perhaps a sub phase of the broader age of Petroleum. Continue reading The boys out of Livi

The ramp in the park

Aberdeen is on the North East coast of Scotland. The harbour there, at the mouth of the river Dee, has been in commercial use since 1136 according to records, but the Dee estuary was probably utilised as a port for many moons preceding that. For a long time Aberdeen’s economy was centered around fishing, textiles, shipbuilding and paper making. These were over-shadowed in the 1970s by the discovery of large deposits of crude oil just off the coast in the relatively shallow waters of the North Sea. I have a feeling that this discovery catalysed some sort of civic mutation. Continue reading The ramp in the park