Paper Trail

The live-action performance in the intro to Joe Pease animation experiment ‘Paper Trail’ is truly exquisite.
In this post Joe answers 3 quick questions about animation and the animators he considers to be some of the greats.

Joe Pease on set

What’s the first animation you remember watching that got you sparked on the medium?
I would say Disney movies would’ve been the first. The Jungle Book and Sword in the Stone. In Aus we also had these short claymations between programmes called Pingu, have you seen that?
Yes! I used to love Pingu, it was consistently pretty hilarious.
So good! I don’t think Americans know about it.

What do you think is the appeal of animation rather than live action?
I like the look of certain styles of animation. I’m really into line drawn animation. Also, the fact you don’t need to rely on other people to work on it. There are not really any boundaries to what you can do either, which is cool.

Which animators do you find inspiring?
Frank and Ollie, the original Disney animators are incredible.

This guy Bruce Bickford who did Frank Zappa music videos.

Ray Harryhausen for how epic his stuff was before anyone.

I’ve also been super into motion graphics recently. Here’s one by a production company in the UK called Animade

What about Matt Stone and Trey Parker?

Of course! How could I forget?
Joe Pease up close

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