Peter Brings the Shadow to Life

The title of this post comes from this essay. If you can’t be bothered to read it that’s fine but if you can then your life will be a little richer; although maybe not in the diamond earring sense of the word. It sums up some of the themes that might possibly be floating around inside the following amazing video by Joe Pease. Let us know in the comments if we’re reading way too much into it and should probably just chill (‘n’ shit).

26 thoughts on “Peter Brings the Shadow to Life”

  1. well done. the moment in each clip where the perspective dilates and sort of reverses out looking right side up is badass rad. Pease, once again!

  2. oooff lost my attention, theres always the next step though. the internet makes 2:30 seems like 15mins.

    1. No worries. Very understandable. Were you distracted by something more arousing? Is that rude to ask?

      1. it wasnt so much getting distracted, the concept is awesome. basically i got to the blacktop from the ditch and was pumped, but we stayed too long and got over it.

        1. Ah, That make's sense. This is a bit of a different vibe but I've been experiencing something similar with it
          It has everything a boy might desire; great hardflips, homies sharing affordable food and celebrating various things, but 2 years later I still haven't made it past 6 minutes 45 seconds. Do you have any thoughts on whether that tells us anything about anything?

  3. Pease is a genius…. This is the most refreshing thing Ive seen in….. well, ever.
    Someone get this dude out of the warehouse. Please.

  4. Emmanuel Lubezki would be proud.

    Or completely bummed, depending on whether or not he enjoys skateboarding, but nevertheless, I think the Tree of Life nod is suits some fine Joe Pease cruising really well. Cheers.

      1. Just a really similar upside down camera technique on an asphalt playground. Very disorienting and very cool. That film is worth a viewing if you haven't or need to contemplate existence for a few hours. Ha!

        Awesome job on the video as well.

        1. Yeah, I watched The Tree of Life once but forgot about that shadow scene (need to revisit), I asked Joe and he said that scene was the main inspiration. Good eye.

  5. Loving the use of the theme song from the Jesse James movie. It's one of my favorite movies 🙂 And it went really well with the video and the (shadow) skating.

  6. Just watched the shoe releas and this one and have to say….well…i´m out of words. brilliant!Thanks alot.

  7. You may be reading to much into this, but when your making videos this good, who's gonna complain.

    P.S this is not a complaint

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