Rats in the Trees

Rats in the Trees is a collection of interconnected short stories by Oakland based writer Jess Mowry

The edition I first saw was in a book shop on Union Street in Aberdeen and had a photo-collage cover which incorporated a skateboard in the design, so I bought it. The central character of the stories is a young skater kid, Robbie, who runs away to Oakland but Jess Mowry himself does a better job than I of summarizing the book here. If you’ve never read it then consider this my official recommendation. If you need further persuasion then the following is a video of Div reading an excerpt.

Rats in the Trees was first published in 1990.

5 thoughts on “Rats in the Trees”

  1. Greetings
    Just finished reading the book at your recommendation. It made me want to skate, eat candy & drink beer. Although it was a short read, that did not take away from the enjoyment I received in reading it. If you have any other book recommendations, it would be rad if you could share. That or if you know where I can get a copy of Ms. Doubtfire on Blu-Ray. Cheers.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Jess Mowry wrote another book called Way Past Cool I\’ve heard is good. I\’m trying to get around to reading Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy one of these days.
      Best regards.

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