Storytime Part 1

The Predatory Bird comic is the result of a troubling social media exchange between a morose, desperate, aging pro skater and a bright, talented, young artist.

The benevolent souls over at Thrasher Magazine have been kind enough to publish the print version each month and post the video version on their site.
thrasher contents
We start with one of life’s torrent of bummers – dying dad/perishing patriarch – but skateboarding provides passage to that luminous, lawless, land where the wild things are.
kid skates and is pro in his imagination
Not so fast! We’re quickly yanked back to shitsville by some arsehole claiming authority/safety/litigation and any number of other boring crap citations from someone else’s, less rad, altogether shittier version of reality.
security guard prevents escape

  • The first Predatory Bird we see in the story is a Klingon War Bird postured to attack.
  • Judging from the weird wording I’d say these opening installments are set in a Scotland type location; weird.
  • I’ll try to stay on top of these video versions but they’re sort of time consuming so please, bear with me.
  • The music is by Jonnie Common, Christ.and of course The Wu.
  • If you buy something from The Predatory Bird shop then I thank you at least one thousand times for supporting the cause.

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