Storytime Part 2

The genteel folks over at Thrasher Magazine have been kind enough to print a short Predatory Bird Comic story each month with the experimental title of… The Predatory Bird.
It’s become a morbid tale and in the first 3 parts there is heavy, unimaginative use of the word fuck.
kid getting shit on

I’m a grown up, or I appear to be most days, and I could’ve been more creative but that wouldn’t have been true to my 13 year old self. For him, lacking a wide vocabulary – and the perspective of hindsight – a simple fuck sufficed. With fuck he could verbalise a host of emotional states; fuck, fucking, fuck that, fuck it. Well, mainly anger, embarrassment and disgust.
embarrassment gives way to anger

A Short Interview with myself conducted by my 13 year old self.

What’s the story with this dumb video?
Well, first of all, again I’m stoked and grateful that Thrasher have been kind enough to print the comic – episodically – for a few issues. Here’s the thing, as you know we grew up in Britain and when we were lads there was a show called Jackanory…where actors would read stories and there would be illustrations and it was supposed to encourage reading. These little videos spring from that tradition; lame, right?

S’pose so. Not really though. I like Jackanory.

Exactly. What’s not to like?

Are you not embarrassed to do stuff like this? I’d be embarrassed.
You mean because it’s nostalgic and maybe even verging on maudlin?
Yeah, maybe, I don’t know, whatever.
Not really no. I mean when you get older you realise that you have to be truthful to yourself and accepting of who you are. I think these are a reasonable effort at a Jackanory style thing for skaters. If other people don’t like it for whatever reason then that’s their problem.

Fuck ’em

Correct! You’re good at this. It’s like DGK says, “If you got haters it means you’re doing something right”, right?

Thanks! Yeah, cool! Okay, what’s your favourite thing about making the wee Storytime videos?
My favorite thing about putting together the Storytime videos is imagining what the best comment on Thrasher’s youtube channel might be.

  • “Whoever narrated this sounds like they suck donkey’s dicks!”
  • “I hate this sk8ing is better”
  • “This made no sense it just ends.”

Epic commentary like that really gives me hope for the next generation of skaters to be endured by this planet. Given such things as oil depletion, climate change, Albatros filled with plastic, toxic fish and nuclear jihadists it helps me sleep soundly at night knowing that there are kids out there using their time and energy so brilliantly.

You can hardly speak, it’s not like you’re out there saving the planet bloody earth. You’re just some washed up bearded weirdo making Jackanory videos for skaters.

Damn, that’s very true.

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