Ivor performs a 4-year-old super skid at the local school yard.

Ivor was on a balance bike for a year or so. Then he rode a small borrowed pedal bike with training wheels for a couple of months. He talked every day about graduating to a proper motorcycle, like Travis Pastrana. We explained that he would have to learn to ride the pedal bike without training wheels first. “Take them off!” he yelled. He got the hang of that quick-smart once he knew it was the direct path to a Suzuki RM-Z 450 with a Honda CR500 engine swap. He’s currently 4 years old and rides a Woom Bike. They are really good little kid bikes. That’s all I know.


benson, jonah, quinn, cardiel, rattray, marty, oleg, brent, and molly all with bikes on the road

Ok, so we did it. Myself, Brent, Molly, Marty, Quinn, Benson, Jonah, Oleg, and Cards rode 100 miles to Lincoln City, then we met up with Philippa and Ivor, camped out at the Art Barn in Beaver Creek and the next day went to Lincoln City skatepark and I beat the crap out of myself until I landed an Egg Plant. It wasn’t the greatest Egg ever landed but it was a good Egg, so I’ll take it. Maybe in a week or two, once my body stops feeling like it’s been beaten with sticks by an angry mob of leprechauns, I will try another one just on principal. Either way, Joe showed up in time and shot a pretty nice photo of it and Jon and Kurt shot everything on video so we can put together the little documentary over the next little while. Stay tuned and thanks for the support. You can help fund the ongoing cause of Scottish Mental Health awareness and Suicide outreach, education and prevention, here. Thanks, love to all…check the pics below and then get out there and do good stuff.

The crew mashing
Cardiel, Marty and Quinn mashing along the Nestucca River Road.
Cardiel Mashing
All hail.

Cards Rattray Sk8 Mafia gang sign

egg plant attempt.
Poopy style. Not inverted. Just getting more and more beat up.

The patches ready to ship
Ready for the post office.

Going West: Our Father the Sun and Our Mother the Earth

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Going West: Encouraged to be.

From Beauly we follow the A862 south for a couple of miles then turn right on the A831 towards Struy and Cannich. At a small road signposted Kiltarlity 2 ½ Eskadale 4 ¾ we turn left and freewheel down hill, fast, towards Black Bridge over the River Beauly. My spirit soars, I am an eagle, a kingfisher, a pterodactyl, Continue reading Going West: Encouraged to be.

Going West: Flesh Ripped from Bone

My stepfather’s Marin Larkspur is jammed under the bike holder and I’m sitting on the fold down seat by the carriage door as the train accelerates away from Dyce. Oil company crew changes and the beginning of Easter break ensure the train is over capacity; the vestibule is rammed, hot, and the country is spluttering. Continue reading Going West: Flesh Ripped from Bone

The Riding the Long White Cloud post

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