THE GOOD EGG – A Cycle-Skate Trip in Aid of Suicide Prevention

Ok. Here we are. It took me more than 6 months to slowly piece this little video together. Every few weeks I would find a 20 minute window here, or a couple of hours there. Then I would second guess the whole thing. “Who wants to know about depression and suicide anyway? Such a bummer.” Then… “No. It’s a story worth telling. It’s a subject worth talking about.” Then, “who wants to know?” then, “it’s a story worth telling,” and so on and so forth.

On Feb 1 just gone, my sister would have turned 38. And she would be a grandmother. An amazing grandmother…

a photograph of Katrina Rattray

The article below does a decent job, I think, of describing the story of what we’re doing and why here. It originally appeared in Thrasher Magazine.


In 2011, my sister, Katrina, died of depression. She was a beautiful, talented figure skater who spiraled gracefully across the ice, pirouetting in a light amber dress. She was a hard-working project manager for an oil company. And she was a loving—and fun-loving—mother.
Ever since her suicide, I’ve wanted to raise money to help others with mental health issues—hopefully to help prevent more untimely deaths. I had no clue how to go about doing this.
Because of Katrina’s death, my cousin, Liam, was driven to quit his uninspiring bank job—and start fresh working with the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH).
SAMH does a bunch of community work, suicide prevention training and mental health outreach around Scotland. In 2016, they carried out 177 suicide interventions and their work has been integral in reducing the suicide rate in Scotland by 17% over the last ten years. It made sense to me to support SAMH, but now what? How?
It turns out that there is an app, Just Giving, where you can just be sitting on the toilet and set up your campaign in 5 minutes flat. Done. Then you wipe your arse, wash your hands, post about it on social media and the game begins. But how was I going to inspire people to give? Maybe just by doing what I liked to do anyway—by riding bikes and skating.
To make it interesting, I claimed I would ride my bike from Portland to Lincoln City and relearn Egg Plants—provided we hit my arbitrary $1000 target. We hit that target twenty-four hours later and I realized it was, as they say, on like Donkey Kong.
Before long I had a small crew of friends who were keen to join me on the bike ride. The more the merrier, I say.
The best crew member—and nobody in the ride would deny this—was an old friend who replied to my IG post and Egg Plant claim. “The flying Scotsman rides again!” John Cardiel wrote. “Stay strong and weather the storm my friend. #endurance.” I hit him back with a quick DM, “Yo, John. You want to ride with?” A little while later he got back, “Just tell me where and when we leave from. I will be there.”
Now if there’s anyone on this earth who I consider my actual legitimate hero, it’s Cardiel. On July 1st, at 7.30am, he blazed around the corner at the bottom of my street and rolled up to the assembled crew, ready to rock, just like he said he would. Then he fucking smashed 100 miles with one good leg pulling his bad leg around, drafting the squad and laughing all the way up every mountain pass and down every hill bomb. Down roads framed by deep green pine trees, past the Nestucca river, and on down the 101 to Lincoln City. Full-scale superhuman status. “Rattray, Rattray, stay on my back wheel, I’ll draft you.” He’d yell. “Here! Eat this amino acid, take this potassium, drink this whiskey, it’s Irish,” he’d advise. “As long as I’m in the saddle peddling I’m as stoked as a kid in a candy store,” he’d explain.

John Cardiel mashing through the forest
Photo: Brent Wick

I suppose the point of this rant is that if John is not your hero, to some degree, then you are either lacking intelligence or, worryingly, you may be depressed. In which case you should, no joke, seek out a good psychiatrist or have a friend do so on your behalf. Maybe get medicated so you can stabilize yourself to the point that you can smarten up and reestablish Cards as your hero and spiritual guide through this dark and scary world that we inhabit.
On the road, we rolled past vineyards and fields of cows and horses and turkeys and we spoke about music, and John’s brother, who died from Heroin addiction. We talked about the idea that there’s something self-destructive that switches on in some people. Unchecked, the resulting mental chain-reaction can be fatal. We talked about the idea that full-on alcoholism is a slow form of suicide. Then we reached a peak, and tucked and bombed and John hit 50mph smiling like that kid in the candy store. I did the same, but I only hit 42.
Then we made it to Lincoln City and I beat the crap out of myself for about 50 tries before putting down a reasonably respectable Egg Plant.

John Rattray Egg Plant Lincoln CIty Skatepark during the Good Egg Cycle Trip in Aid of Suicide Prevention
Photo: Joe Brook

We’ve made about $4300 for SAMH so far. Their work never ends, so thanks to everyone who supported up to now. Let’s keep it going. Oh, and it’s on again next year with everyone raising funds for the charity or organization of their choice. I’ll not be trying an Egg again next year. It’ll be a bit different. And I’ll not be doing another 100-mile day. That shit was brutal.


The PB Comic gets Physical!

the comics float into spaceIn light of recent activity in Vatican City we feel the world has never been more perfectly primed for the release of our first edition print run of THE PREDATORY BIRD COMIC.

Here’s a list of fun background info regarding the comic:

  • Set in the aftermath of a family death the tale takes our kid on his inevitable, abject, journey through the grieving process.
  • Luckily the world he inhabits contains a constant array of encouraging beacons to guide him through the dark times; these are all the vibrant characters and details that create and symbolize our culture of the wooden toy.
  • The collaboration with Jon Horner was initially sparked by a shared disquiet regarding the Frankensteinian biomechanoid feline nightmare that is Orville the Cat Helicopter.
  • The gulls are our reminder to be realistic. No matter how nice we’d like life to be, life is, as the great orator Nasty Nas has explicitly stated, a bitch.
  • If you’re trying to come up with a big word to describe the PB comic and you hit upon “phantasmagorical” then give yourself a round of applause because seriously, that is a fantastic word.
  • The good folks at Thrasher Magazine were kind enough to print the story over the course of a year or so.
  • This edition of the Comic is for sale here and also here.
  • In the unlikely event of any profit being generated exactly half will be sent to Jon.

A Pictorial Journey Behind the Scenes of New Balance Numeric’s A Place in the Sun

With the release of A Place in the Sun New Balance Numeric also announced that they’ll be adding Toy Machine’s buff & tight Jordan Taylor and Sk8Mafia powerhouse Tyler Surrey to the team. This turn of events does a great service to skateboarding as these are two of the truest rulers in existence and they deserve all the encouragement we can collectively raise. You can see more from them in the full-on, alternate-angles/behind-the-scenes video extravaganza that I’ll hopefully have finished by next week.
In the meantime, below is a 7 part review of the recent past that includes the trailer for aforementioned video extravaganza and a photo essay covering a small portion of the making of A Place in the Sun.

1) New Talent on New Balance

2) Breakfast of Champions
Hollywood! The home of cinema, celebrity and breakfast burritos a la Surrey, Taylor, Brown and Rattray!
Dudes about to eat breakfast burritos

The first thing we did after breakfast was stop by the clinic so Tyler could back tail this small ledge. As you can see there’s a sweet leaf sign with an arrow pointing at him.

Surrey back tails outside the clinic

Pretty soon Russell was standing on top of his truck uncertain as to whether he feels mildly anxious about this project or if he’s just getting hungry again. Continue reading A Pictorial Journey Behind the Scenes of New Balance Numeric’s A Place in the Sun

A Forest in a Land filled with Trees
The Last of the Jigsaw Decks
And Ambitious Photo Essay with a Loose Data Aggregation Theme: Part One

When you spend time staring at all the small fiddly bits of a project – the individual trees – you can often lose sight of the bigger picture you’re building – the spooky woods, the deep forests and the vast, dense, jungles.

Looking up at the brances of an old tree

This is an old problem resulting from our only possessing two eyes and them being rooted in sockets located strictly on the front of our skulls. Luckily we have invented tools that allow us to see the forest as a whole; or at least get a decent impression of it.

View over treetops at Culbin in Nairnshire

So, what am I going on about? Continue reading

A Forest in a Land filled with Trees The Last of the Jigsaw Decks and And Ambitious Photo Essay with a Loose Data Aggregation Theme: Part One


If you are ever a pro skater in your 30s, from Aberdeen, Scotland, in the year 2012 then the chances are you’ll find yourself standing in Antisocial Skateshop with a bag of tees your friend has designed for your small-ass, home-grown, aggressive-gull-themed brand. Luckily your friend is none other than the prolific, A1, prime-cut British comic book artist Jon Horner and together over email and sci-fi-style video chat you’ve been developing a laughter plot to take the street wear market by storm!

What is it?
It’s street wear!

Which is clothing to wear…in the street.

Check it out. Continue reading ANTISOCIAL SKATEBOARD SHOP attacked by PREDATORY BIRD!!!

Storytime Part 1

The Predatory Bird comic is the result of a troubling social media exchange between a morose, desperate, aging pro skater and a bright, talented, young artist.

The benevolent souls over at Thrasher Magazine have been kind enough to publish the print version each month Continue reading Storytime Part 1