LOUD: Predatory Bud Contest Roundup

There were some funny, skilled and clever submissions for the LOUD HEADPHONES Predatory Bud contest. After a tough round of deliberation the staff of The Predatory Bird chose Drew Seppannen’s Robocop Pigeon as the winner of the grand prize pack.
Compelling draughtsmanship coupled with good backstory helped Drew rise to the top in this epic battle of wit and skill.

A terminally-wounded pigeon returns to the park but will his hidden memories prevent him from pillaging breadcrumbs from the local senior citizens?


TPBDrew! The Predatory Bird calling. You are the winner of the LOUD contest. Tell us more about yourself and the piece?

The WinnerWowsers, that’s radical.
I’m just a guy from Australia living in Shizuoka Japan. There isn’t much to tell you really… I like skateboarding, doodling, motorbikes and studying Japanese (which i really need to start doing more of).
The drawing is just the first idea that popped into my head… Robocop is one of my favourite Paul Verhoeven movies, so I thought it would be cool to draw another inner-city victim of crime (in the pigeon’s case it was probably a cat rather than getting shot to pieces like Murphy) Continue reading LOUD: Predatory Bud Contest Roundup


Loud and John have joined forces and are doing a predatory earbud colorway and we want your help.

What does your Predatory Bird look like? 
Draw your your bird and post it on The Predatory Bird facebook timeline

We will use two colors from the drawing that gets picked. If Rattray picks your drawing you win the prize pack of; Rattray/Krooked guest deck, shirts, stickers and some LOUD earbuds.  On top of all that other cool stuff you will be the first to get the predatory bird LOUD colorway!!!
Big winner winner chicken dinner!!!!!!

LOUD contest prize packLOUD HEADPHONES have a facebook page. Head over there and click like to get updates on future contests, promos and all the stuff they’re up to. They’re some good dudes doing some good things.