This is NOT the new Anti-Hero Video

This is NOT the new Anti-Hero video! This is a Friends-of-The-Predatory-Bird video called HITAROCK. Although HITAROCK stars Div and Tom, who both rep Anti-Hero, they are also deeply connected to the inner workings of The Predatory Bird.
The title of this post is inspired by This is Not the New H-Street Video and HITAROCK is inspired by the following romantic factors and notions:-

  • Hitting rocks
  • Ginger Beards
  • WSVT
  • Bombing Hills
  • Zingers
  • Mike Frazier’s part  in Celebrity Tropical Fish.
  • Zaggers
  • The psychic space travel of legendary Detroit techno producers Underground Resistance.
  • Riser pads
  • The idea that the rocks we hit in life are unavoidable. They are our destiny and after every humiliation we must pick ourselves up and get back to the business of living and helping each other to laugh it all off.
  • Evil Dead 2
  • Many ghosts of skating past.
  • Understanding that much of the appeal of techno music lies in the troubling idea that it echoes all the disfiguring industrial horror we have wrought on the planet.
  • Enjoying life despite all the industrial horror.
  • Lance Mountain in general

Investigating Skateboarding 3: Andy

I just got back from the Zero Bacon and Legs tour which began curiously, progressed to curiouser and ended downright bizarre. More on that at some future point. In the meantime I’m all about these amazing boards that Folk Custom Skateboards made for The Predatory Bird. The complete item with the custom Thunder Trucks and Predatory Bird Wheels is a thing of beauty. It is available along with the Bird-in-Hand tee-shirt over at the shop. In the following video we meet Andy, my father in law, as he describes his fantastic experiences skating in LA in the 60s and gives us a wonderful Predatory-Bird-board sales pitch.

The Wood Crafter

This video is of my friend Andy. When I was 13 I got drunk and threw a pool ball as hard as I could straight at his face. He dodged it, laughed, and introduced me to the R. Crumb/ Neil Blender style keep-on-truckin rock fakie. Now he operates a small wood shop in Vancouver where he has made a miniscule number of the first ever Predatory Bird products. I’m pretty sure this is the only time we will use this particular process. There are 50, some of which are completes with Thunders Deluxe made specially, thankyou Deluxe.

Investigating Skateboarding Episode 2: Div

Very recently an interdepartmental crossed wire at one of skateboarding’s most esteemed publications (a crossed wire regarding presentation style, format and the repressing constraints of mail order co-promotion strategies) resulted in the unshackling of one man’s video trash. Lucky for you, team Predatory Bird are the type of waste-not, want-not skaters who regard this type of trash as solid gold. When fate sent this video gold over to the office here it was immediately clear, “Aha! This is part 2 of the series Investigating Skateboarding!we all yelled in unison. Perhaps we subconsciously manifested it, perhaps that’s some hippy bullshit. Either way, in this episode the lesser spotted, ever energetic Div Adam takes some time out of his busy day (generally spent helping to market affordable beer with unorthodox wit) to talk frankly about his current skateboard, please listen carefully and enjoy.