Stalefish 101 with Fernando

Fernando Bramsmark peaks out with a big stalefish on the sea walls at the Barcelona Forum
Big fish.
I love working with the best humans who ever rolled on the surface of the earth. For me Columbian-born Swede, Fernando Bramsmark, easily falls into that category.
Not too long ago we put together this little video piece all about the grab we know today as the stalefish. We were in Barcelona and while we were there we sent a message to Lance Mountain asking him why this perfectly good-looking grab got named after something so unpleasant. Here’s what he sent back: “Summer camp, Sweden, 1985, Tony [Hawk] did them. Lunch was served in aluminum containers. Once a week we would have this bad fish. Tony and I were calling it stalefish with [many] bones and we’d go eat at McDonald’s. A British guy asked Tony if the trick he did was a Stalefish with [Many] Bones. It stuck. Tony did backside ones too. Gonz, I think, got the first photo two years later that popularized it. And he did the classic fold-down knee.” So there you have it, despite how utterly insane, doomed and incomprehensible the world might currently appear to be, we can take comfort in the fact that both Fernando and the stalefish have Swedish roots in common.


Young gull on the beach
Stale fish preferred

Post Script:

I updated a text glitch above, from ‘no’ to ‘many’. If you need more stalefish intel then take a breath and enter Mackenzie Eisenhour’s stalefish wormhole.

Raybourn’s Portland

Popped a few photos of Texas raised, Portland based, Birdhouse pro destroyer of all things skateable Ben Raybourn recently while he filmed for little day in the life documentary. Hopefully they bring a small glimmer of joy to your day.

What up?Ben opening his front door and peeking around from inside Portland, brah.P1050923 So artsy.P1050928 Mad beats.P1050938 Now featuring…Eric Swisher of the chrome ball incident Chromeball. P1050964Onward to Burnside.
P1050966Some rap video shit.
Heavy metal parking lot.
P1060011 Eggplant for lunch.fisheye shot of eggplant at burnside skatepark Hayashi in full effect.P1060055

Back at the crib scoping the scene with the bird’s eye view.P1060118 Free runners look on in disbelief. This local training center could make a good TtDiPWYB post, maybe, if there is such a thing as a good TtDiPWYB post.P1060126P1060128Not dangerous at all.
Perfectly safe.P1060132
Damn leaf.P1060131
Fully cropped the ground out of this.P1060136
Quicker down than up. P1060142
The owls are not what they seem.
security camera disguised as owl
And finally, what the internet was made for.P1060167

Shoe Release Revisited

This post celebrates the fact that
1) For whatever reason, I finally uploaded the classic short video pun Shoe Release to YouTube
2) I discovered the wordpress video lightbox plugin
Click the image for an amazing and entertaining trip down memory lane.

New Wheels in a New Town

wheelWe are very stoked to announce that these incredible wheels are now exclusive in 2 of the best skate shops on the planet. Focus and Boarderline, both located atop the rugged paving of Scotland. If you’re in the area stop by, say hi, grab a tee or a set of wheels and glide over pavement Predatory Bird style. Embrace your inner gull.

Talking of inner gulls I just watched The Brave Onions. It’s a short skate vid straight out of Aberdeen. From the danger filled intro to the inspired editing Continue reading New Wheels in a New Town

Peter Brings the Shadow to Life

The title of this post comes from this essay. If you can’t be bothered to read it that’s fine but if you can then your life will be a little richer; although maybe not in the diamond earring sense of the word. It sums up some of the themes that might possibly be floating around inside the following amazing video by Joe Pease. Let us know in the comments if we’re reading way too much into it and should probably just chill (‘n’ shit).