The Best Worst Graphic Ever

Crappy spray stencil cloud demon yells Get Used to DisappointmentOver the years at Zero there have been a lot of graphics. Often terrifying, frequently strange and sometimes hideous. Today I present to you The Best Worst Graphic Ever. Taken from a photograph of a questionable spray-stencil experiment The Best Worst Graphic Ever sprang, like so many terrible mistakes, out of boredom. What we have here is a crude attempt to depict the demonic spirit that rages through the woods of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2. The graphic is amateur, the logo wonky and haphazardly placed and the signature awkward and incongruous. This could all conspire to leave the final product as merely the worst graphic ever, which brings us to the moral of the story: never underestimate the strength of a well chosen disclaimer.

The Best Worst Graphic Ever will be on display at Cal’s Pharmacy this evening, Friday July the 12th, from 7pm as part of the Chromeball wrap party

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