The Butcher’s cut.

Diego Bucchieri is about as tough as they come. He’s a multi-talented argentinian shredder of the highest order and one of my best friends that I don’t get to hang out with often enough. The above video is Diego’s ripping spring 2011 offering to the great spirit of stoke. He call’s it the Butcher’s cut and he told me that this is the stuff left over from the Toy vid [Brainwash] which call’s into question exactly which cut the Butcher gets. You’d think the Butcher would get the premium cut but in Brainwash his portion was cut short. What made this seem odd was the full length Diego Brainwash part posted by Thrasher later that month. I’m convinced that there’s a valid reason for Diego’s Brainwash part having been short, probably the bar they had the premier at was concerned about the amount of time their staff would have to endure multiple hundreds of skaters ordering cheap beer. I’m sure it’s all been written about and explained on far better websites than this but either way the off-cuts Diego has chopped up for us here make for a tender and succulent visual broth guaranteed to get you charging out the door to emulate the one and only Diego Bucchieri.

In the time honored tradition of creating brands with the word life in the title SkaterLife is a brand that’s owned and operated by me and Diego. At this point we produce the above greeting card and jokes mixing spanish and english that only we find funny along with inordinate quantities of dandruff but we have big, huge, enormous plans to expand our line as soon as Diego gets his green card. Here’re some insanely artsy photographs that Diego has taken on some of the SkaterLife tours we’ve been on together.

Reflejo Lampara

Mi mismo escritura huele a tu madre.

San Martin

Malo muchacho

Como Gelfand sobre la cadera. Palabra.

I asked SkaterLife executive board member Mike Fitzgerald about Diego and he sent me this short testimonial:-

“The first time I ever met Diego, he exemplified “Valor” as if it was second nature.  Some friends and I were in Alicante, Spain traveling and skating when we had a chance encounter with Diego.  One of the locals that was showing us around was exceptionally drunk and was talking shit to the wrong group of people in a crowded plaza.  As a result, all hell broke loose, and before we could even react, Diego charged to his rescue taking bumps and bruises as punches were thrown and plastic chairs were breaking over him.  The Butcher didn’t hesitate to help someone who had bitten off more than he could chew.  Diego is a true friend, and lives by the code of the “Skater Life”.  May your machete remain eternally bloody.”

The montage below represents the key moments that led to the creation of the SkaterLife

Later in Barcelona…

Above you can see 3 sketchy Argees and with their 2 dandy, loud-mouthed Scottish friends. The photograph was taken by a friendly Moroccan tourist in Barcelona about 8 years into the 23rd recorded solar magnetic activity cycle. I had suffered a severe emotional shock while researching pre-christian religious beliefs and had travelled to Barcelona to hopefully recover. I made the journey in 1 week on a raft constructed from some of the 1 million plastic cups discarded on U.S. domestic airline flights every 6 hours. Diego was living there at that time and one day while G-turning around a pale blue mercedes smart car in the intersection of Carrer de Roger de Llúria and Calle del Consejo de Ciento I met him by chance. It happened that his good friends from Argentina were also visiting and the following is the edit they were in the process of making. They were on an absolute rampage. Volando voy! Volando fucking vengo!

And finally here for the first time on a skate pro self-promotion blog is the classic underground edit known by certain south americans as Aguila Metallica.

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