The half-arsed mid-winter post

The only time I ever attempted to submit something to you’ve been framed (A.F.V. in the UK, almost the title of the debut single by the Sex Pistols released in 1976, come on stay with me) they sent me this letter.

DENIED! Is it possible they didn’t accept the video because of the shitty audio? Or because it’s just not very funny or cute? I’ll let you the reader be the judge. I feel it will bring you joy and inspire you to reflect on our place in the animal kingdom. After that we can get back to the matter in hand, which is Skateboarding.

2 thoughts on “The half-arsed mid-winter post”

  1. I had a similar letter a few years back, people blindly falling just doesn't cut it for their viewing team :(. On the matter of skateboarding I am currently developing a Scottish community site " " if you have some spare time we would love to have your input. It's a working development but hopefully running a modest version by next week.

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