The Hungarian filming trip

Many Macho things were afoot in Budapest in the summer of 2008.

Psychological danger.

Blair Stanley.

The Butler and the Gypsy fiddlers.

A day or two after the Butler confidently soiled this prop a security guard was doing his job at the main skate spot in the city. He interrupted the session, presenting himself in a macho, confrontational manner and I, unable to express my feelings in Hungarian responded by insinuating with the use of hand and mouth gestures that he likes to perform fellatio on other men. I should add that I made the quick assumption that this man would be offended by this since there are many men in the world who do fellate each other and, provided it’s mutually consensual, it’s not for me to say there’s anything wrong with that. Anyway, this was out of character and whether he correctly understood or was offended we’ll never know. But it was as if some ancient anger had welled up from somewhere primordial. Some dormant instinct deep in the brain stem had been awakened and was directing itself at this guard. You know those times in your life which you regret. You’re alone and for whatever reason you remember some bad decision you made or thing you said and you feel a deep pang of regret and embarrassment. This is one of those. Look at the kid in the centre. Scornful eyes just saying “You’re the dickhead, you’re making things difficult for us locals and you’re going to get yer arse whooped.” It really…

…makes me feel like a dickhead whenever I think about it. Is that healthy?

This video documents the more relaxed times in Budapest.

Regarding the so-called FuelTV experiment film MACHOTAILDROP the word on the street is that the boys are waiting to hear about some sort of theatrical release. Whether this means a theatre near you remains to be seen. The trailer has gone around the block a couple of times by now so here’s a lovely little loop to brighten your day.

Be seeing you.

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  1. Yes, my release was so theatrical that I slipped on some fish guts and got a paper cut off a pizza box – junk food really is bad for you.

  2. This post is hilarious! its so well written, its like Guy Browning's style. Just watched Rattray's ATV part from like 98 and i'm loving it.

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