The new cadaver

At this point we can call this a recovery blog. Perhaps it will one day mutate into a more involved website but for now I’m injured and avoiding boredom. I am rehabbing a knee fail and this photo collage represents the activities of day one post-surgery. First things first a little confirmation of Mr Einstein’s contributions to human knowledge. Yes E does equal mc squared. Sincere apologies Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Soon there were more of us. And we enjoyed this.

Great work Krooked, you kill it. Then, understandably hyped to skate, everyone split and I was once again alone, reflecting on my mistakes. At first I had the thought that the surgical procedure is not vegan since they use a cadaver tendon, certainly an animal product, to replace the a.c.l.  I realised that’s not really a problem for me since I’m not vegan. Then I thought that it’s somewhat of a cannibalistic procedure. My body will assimilate this donated tendon over time turning it into ligament. I decided I’m cool with that and it made me think of something Scuba Steve once said, “Life is a complex web.”

My thoughts drifted back towards the Atomic bomb, which reminded me of the video montage that was was my high-school art design submission. I reverse engineered the storyboard and failed to write to the relevant labels for music permission. Sorry art teachers, the idea was that I was working in the time honoured skate tradition of not planning things out and never asking for permission to use stuff, or be places. “Serendipity will be my guide!” I would have yelled. I have since decided that solid planning and decent manners should be underestimated in only the most extenuating of circumstances.

I have no idea what I was thinking, it seems my cultural guilt began early. As a youngster I was full of angst, completely self-absorbed, slightly pre-occupied with the concepts of death and religion, the War in Chechnya was in full swing and the BBC aired a good documentary about the end of the second world war. “John Major, snowboarding and the Atomic mushroom cloud. Case closed” I thought. The teachers were right, dammit, that video was terrible muddled crap that goes on and on for no good reason. Alex Craig filmed a lot of the skating in it and helped with the edit, he was 18. I can’t be embarrassed since I was 15, therefore a minor at the time. The following is an updated attempt at similar video art which makes it the video  art equivalent of salt in a cut. I’m sorry.

I feel that it illustrates my current emotional state quite accurately.

6 thoughts on “The new cadaver”

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  2. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed this updated video. Well done John.
    Inspired lyrics. Suspenseful editing. Two parallel and equally horrific tales of humanity, one at war, one at play. A dark depiction of man's desire to push the limits of progress, no matter the consequences.

    It's getting cold. I'll be sure to stretch well tomorrow morning before work, lest this Thanksgiving weekend ramp session become a date which will live in infamy.

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