The Predatory Bird Cruiser Board: New Frontiers in Design Excellence

I first became interested in putting together the ultimate cruiser board when we discovered the following photograph of NGC 7293 a.k.a. The Helix Nebula, on A.P.O.D.

Without planetary nebulae we would have no carbon therefore no trees and no life as we know it. We also wouldn’t have aluminium and steel for manufacturing trucks and bearings. For this reason the Helix nebula was the starting point in our design process.

The carbon content of these nebulous gases got me thinking about trees. We sensed that trees might be the next step in the design process and we spent a lot of time rambling amongst these tall, glorious, gnarly bastards, and really tried to empathize with them.

We realised that one of the main drawbacks when it comes to using trees to manufacture cruiser boards is that trees are, for most practical purposes, enormous. They are huge, heavy beings and they’re attached to the Earth with an astoundingly complex root system. We needed to simplify the design.

We considered a number of shape options.

We veered more towards the minimalist aesthetic.

It only took a couple of kickflip attempts on the first prototype to realise we needed to make some subtle adjustments and by the next stage of the design process we all agreed that we had something we we’re very happy with. The final frontier is coming soon.

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  1. All of the post on the site recently have been fucking hilarious. By the way that cruiser board makes a P2 deck look prehistoric.

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