The Winner IS…

After a tough round of deliberation and rumination we decided on Patrick’s multi-media  comedy creation as the winner of the Grinding and Turning contest. His artwork is crude but his pulling together of media resources just managed to tip the scales in his favour.

In very close second place has to be Thomas Dijkstra with this poster presentation of the physics of grinding and turning. Very good choices in Hewitt and Cardiel as model grinders and turners while Coulomb considers friction and Newton considers torque. Honestly this is a brilliant poster, it has fire and if it wasn’t for that grotesque twisted face in the middle it would probably have won.

Thanks to everyone that sent something in. Hopefully there’ll be a chance to do another contest soon with international shipping costs being of no consequence. Scroll down for some honorable mentions.

This excellent vector graphic was submitted by Brent Muir and even has the board from the wee explanatory video. The illustration skills involved are incredible in this one but perhaps the idea of a person’s limbs all twisted up like that just freaked me out.

Callum Barrack of Kaplank Kapow fame submitted this architectural rendering of the buildings surrounding the Steppe Side project in Malmo. He’d have been a heavy contender if the contest was global.

David Newbrough got a good sense of the stripper pole insinuations embedded in the contest instructions.

David Tomlinson went for an abstract approach.

World class Manwolfs fan Jeff Halleran submitted this relevant snapshot.

 “Bill Clinton was always on the grind. Shout out to Monica Lewinsky.” Wrote Jesus Rodriguez, expounding on this politically charged piece.This highly adept painting was submitted by Ricky Oh.


And Joshua Littlefield submitted this Zero/Thunder inspired collage.

Thanks to everyone who sent something in, keep on making stuff and definitely continue grinding and turning.

6 thoughts on “The Winner IS…”

  1. The whole thing was original, concept, audio, music. It took about an hour to create im really siked to hear that people are stoked.

    1. Don't sell yourself short! You might be right, but on the day it was the combined use of audio, video, drawing and comedy that took it.Sent from wherever

  2. Haha! Thanks for the consideration! Had some good fun with this contest and regret to hear that the turning upside down of your face grinds your gears. All the best.

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