The Wood Crafter

This video is of my friend Andy. When I was 13 I got drunk and threw a pool ball as hard as I could straight at his face. He dodged it, laughed, and introduced me to the R. Crumb/ Neil Blender style keep-on-truckin rock fakie. Now he operates a small wood shop in Vancouver where he has made a miniscule number of the first ever Predatory Bird products. I’m pretty sure this is the only time we will use this particular process. There are 50, some of which are completes with Thunders Deluxe made specially, thankyou Deluxe.

14 thoughts on “The Wood Crafter”

    1. Thanks Eva, it's been a fun one. Interested to see if I can evolve it from here. What have you been up to?

  1. how can I buy one of these boards and how much would one be shipped to america… a rough guess is all I need becuse Im definetly interested in just a deck. get back to me through email….

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