The youth whit really don’t

The dedicated staff at the fascinatingly titled transition extreme indoor skate/bmx/rockclimbing/music/martial arts facility, in Aberdeen, Scotland,  organised a jam up at the Northfield park to celebrate the youth project (read staid account here) they’d been involved in there (read Mike from transition’s synopsis here). The project had been a bold attempt to persuade the youth whit give a fuck to clean up the bottles smashed by the youth whit really don’t. Here’re some pictures.

13 thoughts on “The youth whit really don’t”

  1. Haha. "…and no violence, intimidation or coercion was necessary." And there was honesty regarding the business model. "We raised this 10K by selling this shit to a bunch of vulgar morons who have more money than sense." For example.

  2. Absolutely. I would like it more if the coke dealers donated the money, though. Openly. Like "we raised this ten thousand dollars by selling 4 kilos of pure Columbian cocaine! Let's hear it for the Columbians!"

  3. All the time. I also don't much care for the jam format at skateboard
    contests. Not so much because of the format, but the word "jam".
    Jam band, jam your finger in a car door, pole jam.
    Guess I just don't like the word jam.
    Sounds weird when said many times in succession.

    1. Damn. My friend's called Jam and he's in a band that probably jams. I eat bread and jam and it could be a decent score in scrabble. A horse is a horse of course of course.Sent from wherever

    2. Do you like the idea of the courts taking money from coke dealers (etc) and using that money to fund community projects like the one pictured in this post?

      1. Sounds good to me…All of the kids looked like they really enjoyed it, they wouldn't know what to do with all that concrete and coping though haha

  4. Whenever I hear the word skate and jam used in succession, I think of hippies. Drum circles. Bare feet. Skateboards without grip tape. Slalom courses.
    Can the term be changed to something else?
    Skate party? Shred gathering? Board meeting?

  5. John. even though I doubt you read these comments; just thought I'd put something here. It's V-Day. I have had three exams in my college classes already and the semester just started. shitty day. cold day.

    then you come along with this blog- and I get to the end where you have the man playing drum and the boy jamming out like it's nobodies business…and it it synced 100% with this trip hop I'm listening to between classes and made me laugh like a fucking retard.

    just thought I would let you know that. You made my day

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