This is NOT the new Anti-Hero Video

This is NOT the new Anti-Hero video! This is a Friends-of-The-Predatory-Bird video called HITAROCK. Although HITAROCK stars Div and Tom, who both rep Anti-Hero, they are also deeply connected to the inner workings of The Predatory Bird.
The title of this post is inspired by This is Not the New H-Street Video and HITAROCK is inspired by the following romantic factors and notions:-

  • Hitting rocks
  • Ginger Beards
  • WSVT
  • Bombing Hills
  • Zingers
  • Mike Frazier’s part  in Celebrity Tropical Fish.
  • Zaggers
  • The psychic space travel of legendary Detroit techno producers Underground Resistance.
  • Riser pads
  • The idea that the rocks we hit in life are unavoidable. They are our destiny and after every humiliation we must pick ourselves up and get back to the business of living and helping each other to laugh it all off.
  • Evil Dead 2
  • Many ghosts of skating past.
  • Understanding that much of the appeal of techno music lies in the troubling idea that it echoes all the disfiguring industrial horror we have wrought on the planet.
  • Enjoying life despite all the industrial horror.
  • Lance Mountain in general

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  1. Laughter is probably not the healthiest immediate response. But from a distance, I mean with the perspective that time passed provides, we can see death and loss as the brief insignificant things they are and we can get on with enjoying all that we still have.

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