Each time a young pro throws a shoe release party it sends a nostalgia filled tear cascading down my cheek. My breast swells as I recall the time The Predatory Bird released their first and only shoe. It was a Gravis.

So, to the matter at hand:

In a move that bears all the hallmarks of a classic creative hiatus – but without the dangling pizza slice of future resurrection – Burton recently canned the Gravis and Analog skate programs. Sources indicate that this move was strategically designed so that focus could intensify on the Burton brand itself. Collateral damage included the freeing up of talented video assets manager Russell Houghten who quickly set to work building the necessary equipment to bring to life this cartoon from The New Yorker magazine.
Technology is ruining us cartoon from The New Yorker

Russel Houghten delivers pizza by miniature helicopterWhether this resourceful ingenuity casts Russell in the idealistic light of the young American political left is beyond the scope of this skate/gull based blog. What we can extrapolate is that Russell is a fan of both pizzas AND remote control helicopters; he is not alone. Further analysis of the Gravis termination can be found here.
It’s unlikely that liberal bias in the media was on Chris Cole’s mind when he signed off on the Omit Clothing logo. Whatever the reasoning it’s highly possible that in the lead up to the recent presidential election you may have missed a slap forum thread titled “Bye Bye Omit Apparel”. I certainly missed it until a rumour of the brand’s demise circulated at an empuddled Portland street spot.

Whether you like the mode d’Omit or not we’d be briefly disheartened if yet another brand that attempts to sell through skate retailers but actually does support some epic skateboarders, Peter Ramondetta for example, had failed. We wish them well but if true then it raises the question, especially in this fiscally uncertain era, if the Omit business model can’t work then what possibly can?

Lannie Rhodes models the Wu Bird tee

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  1. Well as we have both seen over the last twenty plus years we have seen the highs and the lows of skateboarding business, you more than I but is it a big surprise that companies have been folding? Companies come and go just like the fab of skateboarding, even with the highs of mainstream skateboarding as it is now. Even Vans closed their park in florida last year, I miss the nineties when rocco pissed in the faces of the fat cats and there was all the skater owned companies, there cant be that many skater owned companies left and keep out the gatorade, monster, nike ect. It does not help when companies get chewed up by large non skater companies then get spat out.

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