Why Tommy Sandoval is a Ruler.

Sitting with Guns at the bar in the Texas Roadhouse. He’ll be flying out of tour to Street League in 2 days. “You gonna get there early for practice?” I ask. “Nah, I don’t do that.”

 A few of us had just skated a great spot built into a dry East Texas spillway resevoir.” Did you see there were options to skate it all different ways like gap or drop or…?””I didn’t really look that hard. I went over there and then my eyes caught on fire so I bought some ice cream and that shit melted then I was bummed and sat in the bus.”

I looked up at the television he’d been staring at, “What’s this you’re watching?”
“Looks like a laugh a minute.” I say, as some poor guy’s stretchered into an ambulance, bleeding, neckbrace in place.
“I’m  studying to be a doctor right now.”
“Dr Sandoval!” has a good ring to it. It would be great when people come to see you with minor injuries. First of all stop being a bitch. Smoke some weed drink a beer look at some titties and get some rest.”
Photos by Jamie Thomas.

8 thoughts on “Why Tommy Sandoval is a Ruler.”

    1. He will cure anyone of any case of whining about stuff that isn't a big deal. I'm certain of that.

  1. T-Guns is in fact, despite the lack of visible markings, a measuring device in this "Street League". However, it is important to note that when most other participants are measured, they come up short in terms of rawness and radness. For example, time had long since expired on the Chevy Overdrive best trick contest at this year's first "Street League" spot in Kansas City and the trophy was being presented but T Guns was still throwing down, not for the crowd & certainly not for the prize but either for himself or maybe just real skateboarding & either way that is radder than any contest. Plus, that shit was sick!

  2. not because he has a series of measurements all the way along his body that make him a useful measuring device – 'a ruler' if you will. Very misleading John; on a scale of pi to 10.86 of it's misdirection… it was slightly misleading.

    1. You're right! That is very misleading. I will attempt to draw a picture of Tommy as you describe and add it to the post. That way everyone's a winner. Thanks for pointing that out.Sent from wherever

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